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A brief history of cheerleading
A Brief History of Cheerleading
Cheerleaders at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 1948
As their voices weren't generally as strong, but as they were usually lighter and more flexible, they became more often used in the jumps and stunts in ...
Yale male cheerleaders performing, circa 1925. (Photo by George Rinhart/Corbis via Getty Images)
History of Cheerleading in the US
CHEER! the Book
For the first few decades of its history, cheerleading was an all-male activity, but by the 1920s, women were joining as well. Nowadays more than 90% of ...
Catawba Cheerleading Through the Years
Some ...
Cheerleading in Canada
Cheerleading remained largely male dominated in the earliest years as men typically had the loudest voices.
A Brief History of Cheerleading
Catawba Cheerleading Through the Years
Cheerleaders — along with the Princeton Tiger and “Princeton Charlie” — in 1950.
When Women Booted Men From the Cheerleading Squad
Cheerleaders, 1959
Early adapter: The Dallas Cowboy cheerleading squad (here pictured at the 1979 Super Bowl
1960's america | brief History of Cheerleading, Cheerleaders and their Uniforms
By the 1960's the cheerleading uniform changed, just as fashion. The material was cotton which was much more comfortable than the wool that the uniforms ...
History of Competitive Cheerleading: The Early Days
Early styles/brief history[edit]. Cheerleaders from 1922
1974, #15
Oral History Collection Champions UK Cheerleading Dynasty
... Photo for MVNU Cheerleading Tryouts Set for April 9 Through April 11
UM Football, First football cheerleaders (pom-pom girls),1974 Iowa game
Great Moments in Cheerleading: Could the Olympics Be Next? - The New York Times
Hellcats, a new series set in the world of competitive collegiate cheerleading, begins tonight on the CW. It stars Ally Michalka as an athletic ...
A Brief History of Cheerleading - Photo Essays
History of Tumbling for Cheerleading
History of Cheerleading
Minnesota Gopher cheerleader Johnny Campbell
1914 Cheerleader
History of Cheerleading
Cheerleader jumping in mid air, holding pompoms, portrait
Great Moments in Cheerleading: Could the Olympics Be Next?Great Moments in Cheerleading: Could the Olympics Be Next?
Darren McCollester/Newsmakers/Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Varsity! Varsity! Varsity, Minn-e-So-Tah!" Other universities quickly caught on and by the next season, cheer squads had been formed at a number of schools.
Performance cheerleading makes makes history advancing to Nationals
The History of Cheerleading Apparel
Colts cheerleaders wearing hats and displaying Pom Poms
Denver Broncos' First Male Cheerleader
The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (1983) performing in the USO show "America and Her Music" on the deck of the nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser USS ...
A short history of the very short history of male NFL cheerleaders
[University of North Texas Cheerleaders]
A brief History of Cheerleading, Cheerleaders and their Uniforms
Brief History of Cheer Leading and Cheer Leaders. Class of '59 - Old Time Cheerleading
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders History
First Black Penn State cheerleaders
minnesota rooster kings 1930s all male cheerleading team This Day In History November 2nd
First writing a scathing editorial about how much Madison loves its university, and then asking its readers to help solve Minnesota's perceived lack of ...
Rams' male cheerleaders make NFL history at Super Bowl
Cheerleaders c1980s
Then and Now: A Brief History of Cheerleading
The Portal to Texas History
Full Cheerleading Squad circa 1951
University of Memphis Cheerleaders performing a Co-ed double Cupie
... needed to be a successful cheerleader. Nowadays, the sport is predominantly female and the uniform mainly includes short skirts and tank tops.
WVU Cheerleaders
A not-so-brief and extremely sordid history of cheerleading
Cheerleader in Action on Gameday, 1961 title=Cheerleader in Action on Gameday, 1961
What a lot of people don't know is that cheerleading originated with male students during the 18th century as a form of rebellion.
UWG Cheerleading Championship History
Napoleon Jinnies cheerleading
Los Angeles Rams cheerleader Napoleon Jinnies dances during a game on Sept. 16, 2018.
Male cheerleaders make history at Super Bowl
Cheerleaders. Cheering from the 70's; The 1965 team ...
Many of the earliest cheerleaders were selected primarily for their energy and loud voices. Megaphones were their primary accessory and looks certainly ...
Duo set to make history as first male cheerleaders to perform at a Super Bowl. '
Bellwood-Antis cheerleaders were primed for competition 23 years ago in 1994.
Minnesota Football: #TBT Gophers Invented Cheerleading
male cheerleaders, super bowl
#NCAcamp history: cheerleading legend #herkie in a stunt trio! Can't wait for NCA Summer Camp 2013! #tbtpic.twitter.com/hJCiynqMf3
The Norwalk High School cheerleading squad performs its routine during the Northwest Regional Qualifier. This
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Rams male cheerleader Napoleon Jinnies opens up about being gay
Pittsburgh Steelerettes - 1963
Cheerleaders at Football Game, West Virginia University